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Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth Album

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth Album
Performer: Nine Inch Nails
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Title: With Teeth
MP3 album size: 1352 mb
FLAC album size: 2387 mb
Style: Alternative Rock, Industrial
Country: US
Released: 2005
Label: Interscope Records


1Right Where It Belongs5:04
2Getting Smaller3:35
4Every Day Is Exactly The Same4:54
5The Hand That Feeds3:31


Watermarked CD

This record has been marked with a specific identification code in order to trace any unauthorized use thereof. Including usage in the internet and other digital replications. Interscope Records hereby reserves all of its rights at law or in equity with respect to this record and all materials embodied thereon.

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A division of UMG Recordings Inc.
Made in the EU.

All credits taken from, no credits except of production credits appear on release.

Includes one extra track, "Home."

Mastered at Precision Mastering.

New Orleans - Nothing Studios
Los Angeles - The Village Recorder, Sound City Studios, Grandmaster Recording Studios
Drum Technicians - Gerch for Drum Fetish

All songs published by Leaving Hope Music/TVT Music (ASCAP), administered by Leaving Hope Music, Inc, 2005.
Dave Grohl appears courtesy Roswell Records.

Nine Inch Nails live band, With_Teeth era: Alessandro Cortini, Jerome Dillon, Aaron North, Trent Reznor and Jeordie White.

CD notes available online.
The notes contain lyrics to two songs that do not appear on this CD: "The Life You Didn't Lead" and "Message to No One".

Comes in a 3-panel digipak.


Я бы не ровнял With Teeth с Pretty Hate Machine. Хотя этот альбом куда менее интереснее, чем первые три, но все же я его еще могу слушать в отличие от Year Zero, который просто не выношу. Nine Inch Nails - Getting Smaller. First album I've heard by them. Label Interscope Records & Nothing Records. Язык: Русский. Ooops, no player here yet . With Teeth. On this page you can listen to the album, get information about the album, see the list of songs and much more. It also features contributions from musician Dave Grohl and first to feature the band's future member Atticus Ross. Malm, Jr, so at times the album is moody, and brooding. Album: With Teeth 2005. Although it dealt with these issues, Reznor was hopeful that it was still disguised enough that not a terribly boring record about recovery and addiction. Listen free to Nine Inch Nails With Teeth All the Love in the World, You Know What You Are and more. It also features contributions from musician Dave Grohl and first to feature the band's future member Atticus Ross. It was Reznor's first original studio album since The Fragile, released in 1999. Nine Inch Nails - Love Is Not Enough. Songs in album Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth 2005. First album I've heard by them. Songs list. Listen online and stay in a good mood. 14 tracks 59:19. 00:00 All the Love in the World 05:14 You Know What You Are 08:57 The Collector'' 12:03 The Hand Tha. With Teeth Q&A. Nine Inch Nails. Страна: США. 00:00 All the Love in the World 05:14 You Know What You Are 08:57 The Collector'' 12:03 The Hand Tha. You Know What You Are. Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly The Same. Nine Inch Nails - Only. Nine Inch Nails - You Know What You Are. Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds. With Teeth, unlike most Nine Inch Nails albums, does not have a unified concept and deals with a variety of themes. All the Love in the World Lyrics. Released in 2005. The album was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and long-time collaborator Alan Moulder. Guitars, hooks, Dave Grohl. Sample this album Artist Sample. Fantastic show, no wonder the drummer collapsed from exhaustion. The albums lyrics tackle Reznors opinion of himself, his relationship with the world around him and his place in it, as well as his struggles with addiction. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth Full Album. More mellow than THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL or the BROKEN EP, WITH TEETH still delivers that sonic tour de force that NIN are known for, just in smaller doses. Your Rating. Nine Inch Nails - The Collector. With Teeth Tracklist. Alternative Teeth. Reznor wrote the album after overcoming undisclosed addictions and settling legal issues with his former manager, John A. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth. Посмотреть сведения об участниках альбома, рецензии, композиции и приобрести альбом 2005 Digipak CD от With Teeth на Teeth 2005 - download mp3 or listen online. Да и попсовостью тут не пахнет. Released May 3, 2005. Most important - you can download the album With Teeth to your computer or phone absolutely free of charge, and without registration. With Teeth stylized as is the fourth studio album by American industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, released on May 3, 2005, by Interscope Records. Gaf Respih. Download each separately, rating. This album has revived the love of Nails for more than one person in my group. After nearly dying making and touring The Fragile, Reznor cleans up and rediscovers himself with the aggressive and accessible With Teeth. Nine Inch Nails - All The Love In The World. Alternative free to Nine Inch Nails With Teeth All the Love in the World, You Know What You Are and more. With Teeth 2005 - download the album and listen online. With Teeth stylized as is the fourth studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released by Nothing Records and Interscope Records on May 3, 2005. Search any pictures. Trent Reznor. I went to the show when they toured in my area, and if you need a NIN-boost - I suggest going. Exclusive discount for Prime members
I have a copy with 17 tracks (bonus: Closer, Ruiner and The Becoming). It looks like an Azian version but all titles are printed in English as well. Can't find it anywhere on the internet and not on Discogs. Is anybody familiar with this release??
It's a bootleg. There are no official versions that would include The Downward Spiral tracks at the end of another album.
I won't enter into any discussion with anybody. Just want to give my honest opinion to the general public an NIN fans alike. I think this production is a bit step forward into Trent Reznor' music composing. Yes, there are some weak compositions. Also, there are other ones very much alike what NIN is right now, and was then, before With Teeth. The opening track is a weak one, but, You know what you are?, The Collector, are perfect NIN aggressive approach to music. Even, The Hands that Feeds, Everyday is Exactly the Same and Only (sounds kind of commercial) are great tracks, in my opinion. Then, will keep on that aggressiveness with, Love is Not Enough, Getting Smaller, The Line Begins To Blur (this one sounds more like some music composed on The Fragile era). Need to point that all Dave Grohl Drums [Live] parts, were very good, to great, as so was Jereome Dillon' ones. The 2 closing tracks are not good enough for my taste. But, the extra track, the perfect one to close this With Teeth version, Home, is not musically that complicated, but I love it and, Jerome Dillon, did an excellent job on his drum parts, stands out, like a fist on your face, and Trent Reznor, adding his electric bass and guitar parts, plus a bit of [drone] treatments, makes this composition a perfect one. So, as a whole, it is not a perfect NIN album, but for those tracks mentioned above, it's worth investing on the, With Teeth [Limited Tour Edition] CD.
Prince Persie
This is the most dissapointing album I have ever heard in my entire life. I actually anticipated the album a lot because NIN is THE most influential music in my life. After hearing The Hand That Feeds on the radio a few times prior to its release, I did not completely lose my hopes; the radio usually features some of the worst songs from some of the best albums. After burning an advance copy illegally, with the plan to purchase the album upon its release, I quickly learned that The Hand That Feeds truly is one of the better tracks on the album. After one listen, I literally threw the CD away and lost a lot of respect for Trent Reznor. I cannot say I have completely lost respect for NIN because his earlier work is some of the best music ever made. I just think that it would have been a better career move to stop making music than to do like Metallica did and start making horrible music.
Your opinion sounds strange to me. WITH TEETH (8/10) is not DOWNWARD SPIRAL (10/10). But for me is a TOP ALBUM! Also, YEAR ZERO is worst for me (6/10). Tastes, tastes, tastes always tastes.......
I would be a terrible therapist, you are correct. I wrote this shortly after listening and may have come off a bit harsh. It actually was a joke with the drugs and torment part; I have deleted my misinterpretation. I agree with you; his life is important. He is a musician and was born to be one. As soon as he stops making good music, which he has, then I don't really have a reason to listen anymore. If his change in formula was good, I would still like his music. Unfortunately this is not the case. If you still like the watered down crap he's putting out, then great, more power to you. I wish I could get off on crappy music, but I cannot, so my search for good will continue.
Think about it: "With teeth" suggest a projection of agressiveness and solid musical stand but that in reality miserably fails into a weaker/brainless pop tentative. I will thwart that title with a pity euphemism: Toothless. History has shown that theres indeed some weakening impulse on bands in through the years and an urge to create more "compatible" musical material for audience in order to emancipate their will of profit that will sustain their well accustomed burgueois lifestyles. Metallica is a clear spot followed by NIN. Bands with a name and a style, even with some kind of "ideology" (metallica probably more) that promptly got dissolved into the futile, insipid, uninspired radio chart, global radio style and the tempting proximity of the crowds. NIN doesnt pretend to be "industrial" anymore, he shows his real face, the real depth that always had. The bones are visible and all the leather and the spikes are out. And we can see an skelleton made with marshmellows, not even bones. The opening song was intended to be a radio hit. alternative sounding, funky and disco rythm. originality or brilliant idea? you tell me!. then we find a song after song of common coarsed pop with some NIN typical sounds, a mouse making noises behind the pop structure. yeah he needs to remind yourself what he used to be...with some noises. the last two songs reminds a bit of "the fragile" but completely lacks any strong emotion or even some accent of honesty. songs for closing a weak album? yeah we have some. why dont we try what we did before? The future of NIN is probably clear. Trent using Hilfinger sweaters for advertising, singing in duo with Madonna on stage, making more videos for MTV and "mixing influences" with some unknown latin band in order to "recreate" his career. Whereas there was a "mastermind" here it is necessary to ask ourselves: to where he left? at least where his "industrial pop" music is it? nothing... toothless. Comformity and setback way to go!
Im so sorry you didnt like it!! I cant believe Trent would do this to you! Why would anyone create an album of artistic expression at all if a fan would react this way??? I'm not sure what is so special about "artists" anyways? The point is they are manufacturers working under contract of the record company, but most importantly they are only allowed to work in such privileged of all professions if every single fan experiences what they want to experience. (DISCLAIMER: I have terrible taste, and I don't know anything, and I am some stupid California moron Vegan that doesnt know what REAL industrial music is or ever was. And I'm ugly. END DISCLAIMER) I LOVED this album, when it came out until now basically, but after reading your disappointment I no longer care for this band at all. Youre right. Everyone wanted a return to the bottom of the downward spiral and everyone wanted to be lost in the murky ether of the fragile, and noone wanted Dave freak Grohl drumming all over their industrial head bang circle jerk. I'm really sorry. When I'm done writing a very spiteful letter to mr reznor, I'm going to throw this stupid double LP (I have the "expensive" $300 rare double vinyl) in the trash because it hurts smart people who know a lot about music, like you. You are a real patriot you know that? I hate when stupid art music makers think they can do whjatever they want and get away with it.
interactive man
Good gosh. What's the real problem? The artist has to repeat himself ad nauseum? Your complaint might hold more water if TR was doing what you say. But as well as any more commercial sounding music he's also generating moody ambient stuff clearly not written fro the masses. Have to disagree that the artist is being obvious or selling out or phoning it in. I don't have time for it all but the good stuff is magical.
While this album is definately on a softer note compared to past NIN releases, I personally feel that it is still a very solid album from the genius that is Trent Reznor. Immediately tracks that stand out include The Line Begins to Blur, Love is not Enough and yes, even The Hand That Feeds (with moments that hark back to Prett Hate Machine). I will admit that some tracks (Only being the main one) caused me to think that Trent had gone Electroclash, but on the whole this album comes across as big success. Definately worth the money of any NIN fan.
Perhaps Trent is getting older (when wearing a black sweater in past photo shoots, he has looked rather like a soccer mom), or perhaps the substance abuse has caught up with him. Or perhaps he just listened to the radio a bit too much and his brain's gone soft, but this is the most "pop" NIN album, and not in a good way. The industrial edge of earlier work is gone. He sings a lovely falsetto, has harmonizing vocals, and includes a tambourine, and that's only the first track. I could almost see people clapping along and swaying rhythmically in some stadium, wearing the shirt they just bought, and a notable lack of spikes or leather. But I like that song, especially when compared to the boring, repetitive vocals on the following tracks. "The Hand That Feeds", the first radio track, which has all the pointy industrial edges softened for mass consumption. "Only" starts with what I could only call a nu-disco beat, and is joined by a funky bass line. Yes, funky. And instead of screaming and spitting teeth, or whispering his dark dreams to us, he speaks, and he reminds me of Ben Folds for some reason. But Ben is fun, and Trent is supposed to be a bit scary. Even when he does scream some obscenities, I'm just thinking of Ben Folds on a bad day, an alternative rocker gone a bit dark, perhaps with an ex-metal band as the new guitarist. Only on the last two tracks really appease me. Mind you, these aren't filled with the vitriol and rusty barbs that used to rend my ears, but they're the slightly spooky quiet tracks. Perhaps Trent is only a specter of the past monster he played, or perhaps that costume no longer fits.
To make your point, I noticed you only picked on the released singles...
For me the real problem is the weak material.
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